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Diner The Cup - Pottstown

Discussion in 'Dining' started by Roy Keeler, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Roy Keeler

    Roy Keeler Man About Town

    The Cup Is Opening Again In Pottstown, Soon!

    If you have driven through the North End recently, you may have noticed a sign in front of The Cup saying it is coming soon. Workmen are busy renovating the inside and the outside of the iconic Pottstown eatery.

    Soon we will be able to enjoy eating at this Pottstown tradition once again!


    (This entry is cross-posted from my blog.)
  2. Cindy

    Cindy New Member

    I'm glad they are re-opening the cup. It is a Pottstown Tradition.
  3. Roy Keeler

    Roy Keeler Man About Town

    The Pottstown Cup – A Review

    I had dinner at The Cup tonight and it was like visiting an old friend.

    The place was packed, which is a great sign. When I passed by this week I noticed there were a good amount of cars in the parking lot. They opened Monday and it was a struggle to wait until Friday night to eat there.

    I was hoping the menu would be more reflective of when Gerber’s owned the restaurant instead of the new incarnations which were too upscale and expensive for the type of establishment The Cup is. Sandwiches, inexpensive platters and of course desserts, including ice cream, are back on the menu!

    This North End eatery has been a favorite and frequent spot for many Pottstown area residents. When we walked in the door we immediately saw a family we know. Once we made our way back to the dining room we saw three more couples we know. For a moment I felt like I was at Cheers, where everybody knows your name. In the past, many people at here once a week, or more.

    There was only one item on the menu that I saw over $10.00 and that was a steak. Most platters ranged from $6.95 to $9.95 and come with one vegetable and the soup and salad bar. Of course sandwiches, hoagies, steaks, club sandwiches, salads and appetizers were on the menu and moderately priced as well. There were specials on the board when you first walked in along with the regular menu items.

    There were two soups, which I would say were homemade. New England clam chowder and Italian Wedding (I think). We both had the Clam Chowder and were quite pleased. The salad bar is small but has enough items to make a decent salad. Rolls and butter were delivered to the table as well.

    My girlfriend ordered the Chopped Steak which comes with sautéed onions and gravy. She skipped the gravy but one of the couples we know said the gravy was good. I ordered the Fried Haddock (two pieces) which comes with homemade tartar sauce. We each ordered mashed potatoes as our one vegetable.

    When the food came it was hot, prepared as requested and delicious. The chopped steak was moist but not greasy. It was a nice size! My haddock was moist; it was not greasy nor was it over cooked. The two pieces of fish were ample. The mashed potatoes were instant but I didn’t expect they would be real.

    The service was good. Things were a little chaotic because they were very busy and this is the first week, however we had no complaints. We were asked several times how the food was and did we need refills or anything else. Everyone was friendly and attentive.

    I give two Roy’s Rants thumbs up and hope business stays brisk. I for one really missed The Cup and hope it is back to stay!

    The Cup is located at 903 N. Charlotte Street in Pottstown’s North End. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. Breakfast is served all day.
  4. Kevin

    Kevin Local Guy Staff Member

    My wife, Cindy, and I visited The Cup last night after looking forward to seeing it re-opened. I was a little disappointed. :coffee:

    It was a rainy Sunday night so when we arrived there were not many customers; about 5 people sitting at the counter and then another couple in the dining room. The other couple was finishing up and left just a few minutes after we arrived.

    For dinner I selected the beef tips & noodles which was a daily special while Cindy selected the open faced turkey sandwich. The beef tips were in a brown gravy with onions & served over a bed of noodles. The turkey was mostly dark meat but seemed to be freshly sliced and was served with gravy over slices of bread. Both dinners came with the soup & salad bar where I had some beef noodle soup and Cindy had chicken rice soup & a small salad.

    A few minutes after ordering, while we eating our soup & salad, the waitress brought out two freshly baked-off rolls that were still warm. (y)

    Overall the food wasn't bad. A bit bland, perhaps, that could have used a bit more seasoning but made for a warm meal on a damp chilly night.

    So why was I a bit disapointed? A combination of little things in no particular order that added up.

    First there is the interior decor. After having been closed for a few years the new owners concentrated on the outside of the building with new neon lighting that looks really great lit up at night but on the inside it looks like it wasn't renovated for some time. I was not a visitor to The Cup in the past under the prior owners so I don't know if the interior is the same as it was before but I would not be surprised to learn if it was. Some things that caught my attention were multiple wall lights with burned out bulbs, a mobile salad bar cart on wheels that seemed to be a relic of the 80's, and the hinges on the soup pots were broken making it a bit awkward to get the soup. Then were some odd things like the tables being numbered via pieces of masking tape on the table clothes with the table number written on the tape giving the appearance of yard sale. An oddity pointed out to me by an earlier visitor was that while there are several Coca-Cola themed decorations, including a prominent wallpaper border on all of the walls, the restaurant actually serves Pepsi products.

    The waitress we had that night was the other issue. I don't know if it was a case where we just got her on a bad night or if she simply isn't trained. For example, when it came time to clear the table, between the soup & salad and the entrees, the dishes were left on the table until the entrees came out. Then, when the entrees did come out, she only cleared enough of the table to make room for the plates and left the rest! My wife had a vegetable side with her entree that did not arrive. After about 10 minutes we had to ask for it. And that was the last we saw of her until we were done eating. At no point were we ever asked if we wanted refills on our drinks. For me that is a bit of a sticking point and I use it as gauge to see how well the service is. Another peculiar thing was that when we got our check it wasn't sub-totaled.

    The problem with the waitress, I believe, was that she seemed more concerned with the people at the counter in the front room. It was obvious that she either knew them or they were regulars. Heck with the strangers in the dining room apparently. :(

    With a view of the kitchen door we counted at least 3 guys coming in & out of the kitchen. Including the waitress that meant there were at least 4 employees working that night. By the time we left there were 5 customers including us. There was simply no excuse for the service level provided that night.

    Minor little things that caught my attention were the specials board saying that breakfast was served all day but at the top of the menus it stated that breakfast was only served in the morning. The daily soups were beef noodle & chicken rice but the white-board at the soup station listed beef noodle & clam chowder. Did somebody forget to change the signs or was the beef noodle left over from whenever the clam chowder was there also?

    I'm hoping that our experience was just growing pains that the new owners are working on. Roy's experience above was markedly better than ours.

    I'll give it some time and try again. Perhaps try something a bit more basic like a burger & fries next time. If I could give the owners some advice I'd tell them to first drastically cut back on the number of menu items. It is better to be known for a few well made dishes than a large number of average dishes. Next up would be training their staff in the basics of customer service. Lastly would be to give the interior a once over.
  5. Kevin

    Kevin Local Guy Staff Member

    For those who haven't noticed yet, The Cup in Pottstown is indeed closed. It has been since renovated again and re-opened as an Italian place.
  6. Cindy

    Cindy New Member

    The new place where the cup use to be as good food. We did a take out. I will go back. Nice size portions,

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