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Sunnybrook Ballroom - Lower Pottsgrove

Discussion in 'Dining' started by Kevin, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Local Guy Staff Member

    Sunnybrook1 The new restaurant at Sunnybrook Ballroom on High St in Lower Pottsgrove opened today to the public! :cool:

    Sunnybrook Ballroom is a large dance hall facility that dates back to 1931 when owner Ray Hartenstine, Sr., added a dance pavilion to this picnic grove & swimming pool, That location was the site of the former Sunnybrook Farm. It quickly grew in size & reputation for hosting many of the most popular big band acts of the day including a performance by Glenn Miller in 1942 that drew over 7,300 people. It was Miller's last public performance before he joined the US Army Air Force a few months later. Tommy Dorsey was a regular perform who would routinely draw in crowds of 6,000 consistently. Sunnybrook reached a far wider audience thanks to the radio broadcasts on WRCV in Philadelphia and occasionally nation wide thanks to broadcasts by CBS Radio or NBC Radio.

    In recent years Sunnybrook has enjoyed a resurgence thanks to major renovations and bookings of acts like swing bands, popular local DJ Jerry Blavat, and comedian Gallagher, along with hosting a number of shows, benefits, and wedding receptions. Chummy's Lounge bar has been open for several months and now the Sunnybrook restaurant is open to the public as well.

    Sunnybrook Ballroom
    50 Sunnybrook Rd
    Sanatoga, PA 19464

    Telephone: 484-624-5186
    eMail: sb@sunnybrookballroom.net

    Website: http://www.sunnybrookballroom.net
    Restaurant & Chummy's Lounge: http://www.sunnybrookballroom.net/restaurant.html

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