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Featured Burgers Shake Shack - King of Prussia

Discussion in 'Dining' started by Kevin, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Local Guy Staff Member

    Shake Shack is a chain of burger places that started in New York and constantly gets rave reviews for burger places. We will be able to find out ourselves in a few months as one is coming to the King of Prussia Mall. (y)

    If you have ever driven the outer ring behind the Mall complex you may have noticed a stand-alone Wachovia bank building by itself at the end of the parking lot across from the entrance to JC Penney. That building will be the home of a new solar powered Shake Shack.


    Danny Meyer and his fast food-chic Shake Shack has announced the opening of another Philadelphia area location—this time he’s coming to the suburbs to debut his modern-day burger and shake stand in King of Prussia.

    With an opening scheduled for Fall 2013 near the King of Prussia Mall, in the former location of Wachovia Bank along West DeKalb Pike and Mall Boulevard, the hip burger hub will be constructed from the ground up and will be the brand’s second solar-powered restaurant, with a solar panel-covered roof producing roughly 10 percent of its energy.

    If you’re not well-versed in the wonderful world of Meyer’s burgers and fries, a chain that’s developed a cult following since opening its windows in Madison Square Park in 2004, here’s the 411. You can expect classic choices like all-natural burgers rocking with the appropriate toppings (lettuce, tomato, smoked bacon), split and grilled flat-top hot dogs, crinkle cut fries (cheese included), and a fine lineup of dense frozen custard. The Concretes (think Dairy Queen’s blizzards) are where the most magic happens, with a daily blend always impressing clientele, with mix-ins like truffle coffee dough, cannoli shells, lemon ricotta and Philly-style soft pretzels. Beer and wine rounds out the menu, as do treats for your dog.

    The coming-soon King of Prussia location will be the third Shake Shack in the Philadelphia area, with the first debuting in Center City in June 2012, the second slated to unfold in West Philly in Fall 2013, as will the third (King of Prussia).​
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