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Shopping Sanatoga Marketplace - Lower Pottsgrove

Discussion in 'Shop Local!' started by Kevin, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Local Guy Staff Member

    That large open field on High Street in Lower Pottsgrove next to the Turkey Hill gas station looks like it might finally be developed.

    Lower Pottsgrove commissioners gave approval for a new 103K square foot shopping center to be built named Sanatoga Marketplace. In addition to the shopping center a new stand-alone restaurant is also planned.

    What is unusual about the project is that there are no stores planned yet. Instead the developers, Jay & Charles Tornetta who have developed projects in the area for years, wanted to get preliminary approval from the township first so that they could then market the project to businesses as a solution tailored to their wants. When potential businesses are secured the project will still need final township approval.

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