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Cafe Bistro 137 - Pottstown

Discussion in 'Dining' started by Roy Keeler, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Roy Keeler

    Roy Keeler Man About Town

    Bistro 137 Opens On High Street In Downtown Pottstown

    We have a new restaurant in the 100 block of High Street in downtown Pottstown. Bistro 137 opened this week.

    They are open daily between 7am and 2:30pm serving breakfast and lunch. I stopped in to grab a menu so that my readers will know about this new addition to our downtown.

    Located in the building that formerly housed Churchill, Bistro 137 has a nice offering at very reasonable prices. Breakfast includes bagels, pancakes, waffles, french toast, Danish, muffins, turnovers, oatmeal, low-fat granola with yogurt, yogurt, eggs, omelets and hash browns. Everything on the breakfast menu is under $5!

    Lunch includes appetizers, salads, cold sandwiches or wraps, New York style sandwiches and wraps, Bistro 137 signature sandwiches and wraps, Panini and soups. Nothing over $9.
    Drinks include coffee, tea, smoothies (a variety of flavors) soda, juice, bottled water and an expresso bar!

    Bistro 137 also does catering!

    I will be stopping in and giving Bistro 137 a try soon. Look for a restaurant review!

    Voice (484) 300-4826
    Fax (484) 300-4829
    Email: bistro137@gmail..com
    Internet: www.bistro137.com

    (This entry is cross-posted from my blog.)
  2. Roy Keeler

    Roy Keeler Man About Town

    Bistro 137 – A Restaurant Review


    As promised, I visited Bistro 137 on High Street in downtown Pottstown for breakfast this morning. I have some interior shots for you and a review of breakfast.

    When my breakfast companion and I entered the restaurant we were cheerfully greeted by what appeared to be the owner and two young women who were servers. We were the only customers for a little while but while we were there 4-5 people came in and ordered breakfast to go.

    The interior has been redone. It is bright and cheerful, yet tasteful. The menu gives diners a nice selection without overwhelming them with too many choices.

    My friend ordered coffee and I ordered hot tea. Coffee and tea come in three sizes, small, medium and large. We both ordered a medium, which is a nice size. My friend likes a good cup of coffee. Her rating on the coffee was excellent (and she has high standards).

    A wooden box was brought to the table and I was allowed to choose my tea from at least a dozen flavors. Since it was breakfast, I stuck with good old Lipton. Sweeteners are on the table. Skim milk, whole milk and half and half are available for those who like a little cow with their beverage. Hot drinks come in paper cups like at Wawa, with a cozy to keep your hand from getting too hot and a lid. This is nice if you don’t finish your beverage; you can walk right out the door with it. Mediums are $1.85.


    We both decided on an omelet. My friend ordered the American omelet and I ordered the Italian omelet. They come with a choice of bread or roll. We both decided on a roll with some basil in it. I especially thought that would be a nice compliment to my Italian omelet. After a reasonable amount of time, the food emerged from the kitchen. It was hot and delicious.

    The Italian omelet is filled with Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, peppers and onions. It was a nice size and had just the right amount of each ingredient. The basil roll was large and excellent (just the right amount of basil). The server brought us butter for our rolls and for once there was enough butter!

    My friend’s American omelet was filled with American cheese and bacon. She thoroughly enjoyed it! It appeared to have a decent amount of bacon in it. The omelets were the same size, so their portion control is consistent. She had the same basil roll and enjoyed it as well.
    The atmosphere is casual, comfortable and we enjoyed a nice conversation about movies while we were there. Good place to grab a bite with family or friends and relax. Prices won’t kill your budget either. The omelets were $4.50 each. Our total bill, including drinks and tax was $13.46

    We give two Roy’s Rants thumbs up to Bistro 137. We plan on making a return trip to review their lunch menu.

    Hours of operation are daily from 7:30am to 2:30pm.
    Voice: (484) 300-4829
    Internet: www.bistro137.com


    (This entry is cross-posted from my blog.)

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