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  1. Barry Feist
    Barry Feist
    Can someone tell me the history of Feist Ave? I am wondering when it was built and how it got its name.
  2. Althouse Arboretum
    Althouse Arboretum
    Althouse Arboretum is holding an electronic, appliance and metal recycling day. More info at althousearboretum.org.
  3. Althouse Arboretum
    Althouse Arboretum
    Nature Exploration Series - May Flowers! Free family education program Wednesday 5/31 from 6:30pm - 7:30pm at the Althouse Arboretum.
  4. Althouse Arboretum
    Althouse Arboretum
    2nd Annual Student-Run Native Plant Sale, Sat 5/13 from 9am-1pm. 40 varieties--come support the Althouse Arboretum!
  5. Althouse Arboretum
    Althouse Arboretum
    Forest Easter Egg Hunt along our trails, Sat. April 8 10am-2pm. Prizes, games, crafts! $5 per child
  6. Althouse Arboretum
    Althouse Arboretum
    Appliance Recycling on Sat., Feb. 25th, 9am - 1pm. Free – Donations appreciated! Sorry, no TV’s, computers, or electronics.
  7. Althouse Arboretum
    Althouse Arboretum
    Christmas Tree Recycling on Saturday, Jan. 7th from 9am to 4pm. Give your tree a second purpose and bring it to 1794 Gilbertsville Rd.
  8. Althouse Arboretum
    Althouse Arboretum
    Haunted Woods will inhabit the Arboretum October 29th! Come anytime 7 - 10pm for a eerie walk through the woods, but you won't be alone...
  9. Althouse Arboretum
    Althouse Arboretum
    Family Night Hike - October 24 AND October 15th Come anytime 6 - 9pm. Short hike with storytellers, craft, roast marshmallows, and games!
  10. Althouse Arboretum
    Althouse Arboretum
    October 8th "SAVE OUR ASH" 5K Trail Run $25 also 1-2 mile walk $15. Help save the Arboretums Ash trees from invasive Emerald Ash Borer!
  11. Althouse Arboretum
    Althouse Arboretum
    Join us Friday, September 30th at 7pm for TRIVIA NIGHT! $10 per person at the door 2-8 person teams
  12. Kevin
    Welcome to Pottstown Chat :)
  13. EMV
    1. Kevin
      I haven't heard anything about it recently.
      Feb 23, 2015
    2. Cindy
      There is a sign on the window saying they are hiring. Not sure if it is going to be a diner or something else.
      Aug 5, 2015
    3. Kevin
      Looks like it has re-opened as "Potts & Penn Family Diner".
      Nov 19, 2015
  14. EMV
  15. Kevin
    Kevin Donna Dobbs
    Donna, welcome to Pottstown Chat! :)
  16. David Adams
    David Adams Cindy
    Hay Cindy, I of course do not know you but im up for new Friends, I could not find any info on you, age, where you live, etc. I assume your local for this is "Pottstown Chat" If you want to chat some let me know. david196333@aol.com
  17. justanotherperson
    When good people do nothing about things that are wrong, good people suffer
  18. Kevin
    Kevin Natalie
    Natalie, welcome to Pottstown Chat! Nice bunny! :)
  19. Kevin
    Kevin Clare
    Clare, welcome to Pottstown Chat! :)
  20. Kevin
    I am really craving for a burger from Jake's right about now. :(